Peter Simon
Peter Simon

Petey Boy, legally Peter Simon, can be considered the headmistress of Pointless TV. He is the true embodiment of the soul that keeps the show going as well as the lethargic nature that holds it back. Without Petey's comedic talents and lighting-fast improvisational skills, Pointless TV would be lost in the abyss of crappy websites, never to surface. Currently, Petey is attending UW Oshkosh with Jeff Thelen. He has no real future plans. His hope is to just one day stumble upon fame and wealth.

The Interview
Peter Simon

Petey Boy

Favorite Ninja Turtle:

Special Abilities:
Good people skills and food service experience.

If Pointless TV had $50,000:
I'd steal it and go to Hawaii.

Dream cameos:
Weird Al Yankovic; Brown-shirted, nameless, number-head man.

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
$50,000 to go to Hawaii.

What's your problem?
Monkey, monkey, monkey.

Bios List

Jeff Thelen

Peter Simon

Ryan Erdmann

Bob Tobor

Travis Pahl

Clint Freund

John Shoemaker

Ryan Volkert

Robert Vis

Ted Malesevich

Red Voight

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Fun at 12

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