Jared Voight
Jared Voight

This is Red. Red hasn't really appeared in any PTV skits, helped with any PTV videos, or really done anything in any capacity for PTV. So why is he here? Red posts in the PoinltessTV.com forum more than anyone else. He's one of the only reasons any conversation takes place there. Drop in the forum sometime and pay your respects to Red.

The Interview
Jared Voight


Favorite Ninja Turtle:

Special Abilities:
Making people mad, hypnotizing people with my mad guitar skills, and impersonating a pig farmer.

If Pointless TV had $50,000:
I would still be poor.

Dream cameos:
Conan O'Brien and The Holy Mary Motor Club

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
The Dali Llama to give me total consciousness on my deathbed.

If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?
I'd be delicious.

Bios List

Jeff Thelen

Peter Simon

Ryan Erdmann

Bob Tobor

Travis Pahl

Clint Freund

John Shoemaker

Ryan Volkert

Robert Vis

Ted Malesevich

Red Voight

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Fun with a Tire
Fun with a Tire

What a night. It was bulk pickup day in town and we grabbed this tractor tire off the curb. Rolling it back to my house, James almost died, we got pulled over, and we taped it all. The next day at Petey's house, Bob remembered why he doesn't hang out with us much.

It should be noted that Hunter helped a lot with this, but didn't make it into any of the video. Sorry, big guy.

Click here to play the video.
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