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Don't have any friends but want to talk to someone? Bob is there. Whatever you type in that black box below will be sent to Bob Tobor himself, and he will provide you with a prompt reply.

Cool huh?

Here's some tips for talking to Bob:
Introduce yourself. Say "My name is..." He remembers.
Don't type more than once sentence at a time. He might get confused.
Watch your spelling. He's not good at sounding things out.
Getting nowhere fast? Tell him. Just say "Let's talk about something else."

Bob's on AOL! His screen name is btobor. Click here to talk to Bob using AOL Instant Messenger and click here to get AIM.

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Fun with a Tire
Fun with a Tire

What a night. It was bulk pickup day in town and we grabbed this tractor tire off the curb. Rolling it back to my house, James almost died, we got pulled over, and we taped it all. The next day at Petey's house, Bob remembered why he doesn't hang out with us much.

It should be noted that Hunter helped a lot with this, but didn't make it into any of the video. Sorry, big guy.

Click here to play the video.
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