The Who's Who of the World Wide Interweb

Oh yeah, that's right. If you want to know where to go on the internet, who better to tell you than Pointless TV? No one, of course.

This page has a bunch of links. Either one of the PTV members thought a site was cool, or a page was submitted to "The Best of the Web" section in the forum. Check 'em out. They all open in new windows, and they should all work, since FrontPage checks links for me. If they don't, you could always yell at me at

Partner Sites

Dueling Trumpets
Host of the Mayville Film Festival, Dueling Trumpets, Inc. is a product of Peter Simon and Casey Malesevich. Petey, of course, is one of the founding PTV members. Casey is the older brother of Ted, a PTV regular, and can be seen in several videos on this site.

Everything Flash by Dave Black, a regular poster in the Pointless TV forums. Check it out for cool games and short videos.

The Joe Show
Joe Escobedo's take on Public Access TV in Midwest City, Oklahoma. This site is actually hosted and designed by the PTV crew, so it has a very similar layout to Pointless TV and includes it's own online videos.

Java House Gamers
A locally run gamer resource. These guys host their own Counter-Strike and Ultima Online servers, and the site was designed by me. Worth a look.

Internet Video Magazine
Reviews and links to some of the best video sites on the Internet. And what list would be complete without Pointless TV?
A list of sites for when you're feeling bored, including Pointless TV.
A fun "best of" site which promised us traffic exchange for links. I can't pass that up!
Ever hear a cool song in a commercial and wish you could know what it was? Find out at Adtunes.

Want to be a Partner Site?
Just link to Pointless TV from your site and let me know about it at Send a description of your site and we'll gladly add you to the list.

Forum Links

Landover Baptist Church
A good parody site by the makers of
(found by playswithflowers on 2004.03.31)

Classic Nick Homepage
Remember all those cool shows you watched on cable as a kid? If you don't, try this site to jog your memory.
(found by jeff on 2004.03.12)

Try it.
(found by doomcraft on 2004.03.06)

Just one more and I can quit.
(found by doomcraft on 2004.03.10)

More great online videos.
(found by peteyboy on 2004.03.06)

No, it's not a fetish site, just some crazy Flash stuff.
(found by playswithflowers on 2004.02.23)
This is a very cool site with a bunch of videos from all sorts of aspiring filmmakers. A great timewaster.
(found by jeff on 2004.02.10)

If you're unfortunate enough to know a programming language or two, you could make yourself some cash.
(found by jeff on 2004.01.31)

Dr. Boylan
Find out if you're an alien.
(found by nermal on 2004.01.31)

Ebaum's World
This is another case of the date being wrong, but who cares? This is a cool site with a lot of videos, pictures, and flash.
(found by tennisballs on 2004.01.29)

The Nudist Hall of Shame
I think the title speaks for itself.
(found by playswithflowers on 2004.01.25)

The Best Page in the Universe
Visit this page and repeat after me: "I do not have an ego problem. I do not have an ego problem..."
(found by jeff on 2004.01.24)

Mad Cow
Extremely mad.
(found by hippo on 2004.01.23)

Trojan Games
Check out the videos. Why don't we have ads like this in the US?
(found by jeff on 2004.01.23)
(found by jeff on 2004.01.15)
Lots and lots (and lots) of Flash stuff.
(found by peteyboy on 2004.01.11)
That date isn't right; we knew about this site for a while. I just found an update, I think. Whatever. Check this site out. Great British Flash animations by the guy responsible for the creepy Quiznos commercials.
(found by jeff on 2004.01.04)

Jeff Goldblum Is Watching You Poop
I saw a poster for this site in a bathroom here at UWO. Scary stuff. Good advertising, though.
(found by jeff on 2003.12.19)

Hamster Dance II
They're back...
(found by jeff on 2003.12.11)

Weebl's Stuff
Really cool Flash animation, and the home of Mr. Stabby.
(found by jeff on 2003.12.11)

Random Humor
Lots of fun stuff to do if you're bored.
(found by peteyboy on 2003.12.10)

Bonsai Kittens
Megan found this strange little site that hopefully is a hoax. You be the judge.
(found by playswithflowers on 2003.12.04)
Cool rip-off of the White House home page written by someone who obviously doesn't like Bush.
(found by peteyboy on 2003.11.20)

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