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Welcome to the fun part of This is where you'll find all of our cool stuff that isn't in a video. Chat it up with Bob Tobor, throw us around, or just watch some flash cartoons. It's great!

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To make the most of your viewing experience, you'll need several different programs. They're listed below. To get something, just click on a title and it'll open in a new window. Just about everything has an option for Windows or Mac. If you're running Linux, odds are you're smart enough to find things on your own.

Macromedia Flash Player
Most people have this anyway, since Flash is used on a lot of websites. If you don't, I recommend snatching it up. It's free and it powers the Meet Bob Tobor cartoon, among other things.

Some plugins only work for QuickTime. Studio Tour is one of them. Also, our videos are available in QuickTime formats, so it's a good thing to have anyway.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Yeah, I know, down with Microsoft. It's evil just like Wal-mart. Go capitalism. Blah Blah Blah. Well let me tell you something. I designed this in Microsoft FrontPage, a part of the Microsoft Office suite for Microsoft Windows XP. So this website is optimized for viewing in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Get over it.

Update: Well, I'm trying to make the site look the same in Netscape and Mozilla as it does in IE. I think I succeeded. If you notice a discrepancy, let me know at

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We Care
We Care

The last segment of the day when Ryan went nuts making clips. He has an important ecological message for all.

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