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Warning: Strong Language

WWP can be considered Pointless TV's predecessor. It consisted of Petey Boy, Travis Pahl, and Tony Skriba ranting into an Aiwa minisystem's tape deck. And it was before everyone's voice fully changed, so it's really cute. Give it a listen.

Just so you know, Skriba and Travis were little potty mouths, and some of the tracks contain strong language.

All of the files are really small MP3s.

The W Files

Come To Me
Petey makes weird noises and Travis squeals. Fun!

Excessive Laughter
Skriba tells a joke and threatens a village while Travis chortles.

Excessive Laughter Continues
Laugh along!

Fatony'll Ice Ya
Skriba's a made man.

Guido And His Chimichangas
Chimichanga is a fun word. At least to Petey.

Hoo Flung Dung
"If your corn is not in harvest by June 52..."

Johny Quest
They should use this as the theme song. Oh, well.

Lee's Chinese
Excellent pre-pubescent rap by Petey and Mix-Master Travis.

Mr. Schwandt
An ode to our middle school social studies teacher.

Nasty Dragon
Skriba's Asian accent leaves much to be desired.

Peter, Shut Up
This might explain Petey's self-esteem issues.

Shut Up
Can you identify the mystery noise?

Travis makes a good dog.

The Beatings of Travis and Peter
Ahh, microphone beatings.

The Daily News
"Monica Lewinsky!"

The Deaths of Travis and Peter
When Travis dies he sounds like a soldier from Starcraft.

Them Dang Beavers
This is beautiful.

USA vs Canada
Mounties rule.

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Random Video
Ninja Cheese
Ninja Cheese

What a great video. You've got backwards jumping, stick beatings, the theme from I Dream of Jeannie, and Petey gets hit in the head with a metal bowl. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? It can't hold a candle to Ninja Cheese.

Click here to play the video.
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