Robert Vis
Robert Vis

Bob's my cousin, and since we share a special family bond and all, I can usually get him to do the stuff that I don't want to do myself. For example, I rolled him down a hill and made him swim in freezing water in Fun with a Tire. Bob also helps out when I'm in a destructive mood. Check out TNT if you need proof. Finally, Bob makes a great extra. You can see him in Bovine Awareness 2 cheering Ryan on. Bob is a great addition to PTV, if anything because he's got the right DNA.

The Interview
Robert Vis

Bvis (even on my license plates)

Favorite Ninja Turtle:
Leonardo, He had a cool spin attack on the NES games.

Special Abilities:
I can talk with my butt.

If Pointless TV had $50,000:
I'd assemble an army of tractor tires.

Dream cameos:
Johnny Depp, Paris Hilton (I'll co-star)

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
97 Twin-turbo Supra, with Target top, Lambo doors, Veilside body kit, OZ Racing rims. (To show up the WRX STi) :)

What's your biggest problem?
I'm related to Jeff.

Bios List

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Robert Vis

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Red Voight

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Get Up and Go

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