Jeff Thelen
Jeff Thelen

This is Jeff Thelen. This is also hard to write objectively becuase I am Jeff Thelen. Well, here goes. I'm a freshman at UW Oshkosh going into Radio/TV/Film and one of the creators of Pointless TV. Strangely enough, there are few things on Pointless TV that are uniquely mine. I do a lot of post production and assist in a lot of the direction for most of the clips though. I'm also responsible for this website. I find that I'm more comfortable behind the camera or in the editing chair, so it's not often you'll see me in a clip. That doesn't take me out of the show though. I mean, it's half mine, so I gotta talk on it and stuff...

The Interview
Jeff Thelen


Favorite Ninja Turtle:
Donatello. He was the smart, computer geek one in the cartoon.

Special Abilities:
Nice and strange.

If Pointless TV had $50,000:
Definately wanna get some chromakey stuff, a Sony PD150 or two, and a "company" 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi.

Dream cameos:
Anthony Hopkins, James Earl Jones, Claire Danes (big one), Brad Pitt, Edward Norton

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
My own Easter Island statue. A real one. In my yard. Oh, yeah.

What's it like interviewing yourself like this?
Weird, but it seems to be the running theme of this website.

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