Clint Freund
Clint Freund

What can really be said about Clint? He's as happy as he is mysterious. Clint's a great guy who stopped making his own videos, but is always willing to lend a hand in someone else's. You can see Clint in Hobo Soap, and most of his videos under Hoboman Productions. He's currently attending UW Oshkosh with Jeff and Petey and is pursuing a Music major in Recording Technologies. Get talking with Clint some time. It's guaranteed to blow your mind.

The Interview
Clint Freund

Some have said Clinto, sometimes Clint-dog, or C-money if ya like that. Some still call me the villian.

Favorite Ninja Turtle:
After doing some research and trying to recall watching episodes in my hazy youth, I find that none of them were astonishing to me. My older brothers were into them before I was. So I decided they weren't cool enough and passed over the crappy hand-me-down ninja turtle figures.

Special Abilities:
I have the master ability to think much faster than I can type.

If Pointless TV had $50,000:
It would disappear and wouldn't be seen again along with the money and founders.

Dream cameos:
Aphex Twin

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
Erin P, and then a good set of speakers.

Clint, how can you take yourself seriously?
It's not too hard, just take it in baby steps.

Bios List

Jeff Thelen

Peter Simon

Ryan Erdmann

Bob Tobor

Travis Pahl

Clint Freund

John Shoemaker

Ryan Volkert

Robert Vis

Ted Malesevich

Red Voight

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