There Are Some Things You Just Can't Forget

The three aired episodes of Pointless TV are among them. Pointless TV premiered on November 25, 2002 at 7:40 PM. It was well received by all who watched. Not that many people watched it, but so what? The second episode took until January to complete, and the third show was churned out in April 2003. You'll find some of the best clips of each episode in the videos section.

For stills and reviews of each episode, choose one of them in the list on the right.

Episode List

Episode I:
The Pointless Menace

Episode II:
Attack of the Old

Episode III:
The Search for Attention

Episode IV:
Renewed Hope

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Random Video

The same night we made Old Yeller, we made this little video about Petey's new apartment.

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PTV's parent site, among other things. Check it out.

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