Episode IV: Renewed Hope

After a year of silence, we brought a new episode of PTV in the world. Premiering to an excited Emerald Ball 2004 audience, E4 was a huge success. A few of the existing web clips made it into the show, including the delightfully disgusting Will He Eat It, the wonderfully destructive Fun at 12, the deliciously painful Fun with a Tire, the mercifully short Thirst, and the hauntingly disturbing Old Yeller (which I am eternally gracious to finally be rid of). This was done to purge us of all old clips in preparation of the new season and direction of Pointless TV. We also blabbed on about the Mayville Film Festival, watched Ryan's premature E4 attempt, let you know a few things Just In Case You Were Wondering, and caught a clip called Crutches from our sister site in Oklahoma, The Joe Show.
With all original content, some new videos, brief and useful hosting, and a sense of purpose, this could very well have been our best show to date.

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Episode I:
The Pointless Menace

Episode II:
Attack of the Old

Episode III:
The Search for Attention

Episode IV:
Renewed Hope

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