Episode II: Attack of the Old

Our second show (note the title) was filled with the oldest clips we could find. It was like cleaning out the fridge. This episode, although aired in the middle of January, was our holiday show. The mercifully silent short The Christmas Pickle started us out and was followed by Boy, Get in the Pine Tree by John Shoemaker. The infamous Spanish Christmas caper "Lo Siento San Nicholas" was the next float in this parade of holiday fun.
Ted Malesevich had his way with an unnamed cereal box in Yum Yum and an infomercial showed us the wonders of Hobo Soap in the appropriately titled Hobo Soap.
The episode was also sprinkled with commercials from Funtime Soap and Social Soap.

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The Pointless Menace

Episode II:
Attack of the Old

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The Search for Attention

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Renewed Hope

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