Episode III: The Search for Attention

Also known as the "cop out" episode, this one didn't feature much of our own work. We stole things from Rathergood.com, Homestarrunner.com and found Mr. Nice, Bad Day, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, and Panasonic from all corners of the Internet. Feeling bad for all of these websites, Petey created our own Flash animation, Jeff and Peter Meet Bob Tobor, introducing our shiny, metal cohort. There were some original live action shenanigans as well. Petey woke up in a gas station in Get Up and Go, and showed how evil we can all be in Motivational Computer Bashing. The explosively musical TNT showed us why Jeff should never have gotten a camcorder, and we complained about Pete Panzer. All in all a good show.

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Episode I:
The Pointless Menace

Episode II:
Attack of the Old

Episode III:
The Search for Attention

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Renewed Hope

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